Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Here is our top 7 Fashion tips for petite women 5ft3″ (160cm) and under. Like with standard, tall and other ranges of clothing we all come in different shapes and sizes. The classic shapes of apples, pears etc still apply but there is height to think about as well. There is no right or wrong answer, It’s about experimenting with styles and see which suit us best and most of all what you feel comfortable and amazing in.

7 Fashion Tips for a petite frame.

  1. Minimalist Prints and Patterns. Plain colours, smaller prints and small patterns look best on a smaller frame. Large patterns and florals can overwhelm the petite.
  2. Monochromatic Outfits. It may seem boring to some, but keeping your outfit all one single colour elongates your figure and gives an illusion of extra height. One single colour outfit also looks classy.
  3. Proportion is Key. Choose clothing that balances out your proportions. Try and avoid overly long tops and oversized clothing as they can drown a petite frame.
  4. Vertical Lines. If you are wanting to create the illusion of added height then vertical stripes are your friend.
  5. Tailoring. Well fitted clothing works best on petites, so opt for a tailored fit. Excess fabric can make you look smaller.
  6. High waists. If you are wanting to give the illusion of longer legs, then opt for high-waisted skirts and trousers.
  7. V-Necks. V Necklines on tops and dresses elongate the neck and create more balance in the upper body.

Remember these fashion Tips for Petite Women are meant to just be guidelines, fashion is ultimately a reflection of ourselves and our personalities and about feeling confident. Wearing an outfit you love makes you feel great, were as an outfit you are uncomfortable in can make you feel self conscious. Don’t feel like you have to follow trends, focus on what suits your best.

Main Photo by Harper Sunday on Unsplash

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